Connecting people and ideas to make Cardiff a sustainable flourishing city

There are a lot of amazing people, projects and ideas across Cardiff. Our mission is to support and connect what's happening.
Go to Sustainable Cardiff Mapping

Sustainable Cardiff Mapping

Cardiff Transition actively works to add all the community, food, health, renewables, sustainable housing examples across Cardiff to your map in the hope of encouraging people to find regular activities in their own locale, or find something of interest across the many amazing places & spaces in Cardiff.

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Partnerships and collaborations

A slightly broad statement; the aim to empower everyone with knowledge, local links and opportunities to improve your social, professional and neighbourhood networks will help make Cardiff a stronger connected entity and living environment.

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Events across Cardiff

The calendar aims to add all the monthly regular events to raise awareness of all the various community things happening across Cardiff.

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Projects in Cardiff

Cardiff Transition wishes to support and raise awareness of all holistic, community driven, social/ethical/environmental/local economic driven projects!

Cardiff Transition Team

A quick insight into (some of) the existing members of the Cardiff Transition team. A diverse group of individuals brought to gether with a mutual passion of improving quality and wellbeing of Cardiff. We are always looking for more people to join and being their skills to support the transition on your city of Cardiff.

Cody O’Cailleagh

Sing for Your Supper / Cardiff Transition / The Apothecary
Cody’s drive is what got Cardiff Transition back on track in 2015 with a view to learning from the previous 7 years experiences, failures and success with a view to improving our individual and joint efforts to help make Cardiff a healthier, safer and stronger multi-community of people.

Ginny Battson

Cardiff Transition / Freelance Writer
Ginny is a passionate writer, photographer and environmental ethicist. A former interior architecture pioneer who brings much gravitas to the Cardiff Transition table.

James Byrne

Wildlife Trust
James gets involved in projects of all sizes – from solo projects to wide infrastructure ranging with a view to support and enhance our natural biodiversity all around Cardiff and beyond.

Mike Erskine

(Secretary – Cardiff Transition) We are here Creative, Reconnect in Nature
Mike’s work has helped many groups gain local standing in their respective fields; his expertise of digital media, filming, editing and producing film’s has brought many issues to the forefront of pioneering in sustainability and community!

Michelle Fitzsimmons

Events organiser – Cardiff Transition / Edible Landscaping
Michelle’s hard work has helped establish many food growing entities in urban environments and improving access to healthy to many people.

Pat Gregory

Activist Café / Cardiff Co-Housing / Roundhouse Partnership
Pat is a regular driver of new initiatives under the Cardiff Transition umbrella; regularly reaching out to many people and communities and engaging in social justice, equality and peace.

Ian Hilbert

Cardiff Taffs Community Currency / Taffs Well & Nantgarw Community Garden / Urban Solar
Ian is the embodiment of a transition community resident – quietly leading us by example and ensuring all people involved with Cardiff Taffs benefit from being involved with community ventures. An employee of a local solar installation group that encourages professionalism, strong community links and works on referral – Ian pioneers trust in the community. Ian gives talks at Women’s institute, Green Gathering Festival and many other community driven entities!

Sam Holt

(Bursar – Cardiff Transition) EggSeeds, Grow Cardiff, Renew Wales Mentor
Sam is also involved with Food Cardiff, Cardiff Hops, Mapping projects, Time to change Wales, RENEW Wales mentor, Communities First, Advisor to Pentrebane Zone – community led charity with Pallet workshop. Sam has pioneered so much in ten years of volunteering, bringing his skills to schools, community centres, public spaces in terms of real sustainable communities.

Rob Miller

Researcher – Cardiff Transition / Cardiff Taffs Community Currency
Rob has many interest in the field of sustainability – with a particular interest to upskilling the nation to embrace more holistic empowered communities and making for healthier cities.

Lewis Mottram

(Secretary – Cardiff Transition) Riverside Community Garden / Roundhouse Partnership / Green Woodworking / Cardiff Rivers Group
One of the original members of Riverside Community Garden, Lewis is keen to see everyone get their hands on skills honed to growing food, healthy outdoors activities, creating tools for building and growing and man other activities to support our diverse Cardiff population. Lewis can be found at many of the Cardiff Rivers Group’s outings across Cardiff’s many waterways.

Nigel Pugh

Social Media – Cardiff Transition / Nigel Pugh Photography / Communicating narratives of sustainability
Nigel is heavily involved with raising awareness (through his amazing photography and twitter skills!) of pressing concerns such as Fracking, political rally’s, litter problems and many other things!

Kevin Rahman-Daultrey

Pedal Power / Grow Cardiff / C3SC
Development Officer Cardiff Pedal Power. Previously at Cardiff Third Sector Council covering Health and Social Care for Cardiff. Bit of an IT nerd, able to help with website’s and stuff. A self-driven/self-taught individual with a real thirst for community empowerment and equality for all.

Mark Rhodes

– Cardiff Transition / Natural Resources Wales
Mark brings reality to the cause with a strong grounding in natural and built environment with a view to dealing with natural disasters, preparatory measures in design of preventing droughts and floods.

Andrew Symons

CCE: Cardiff Community Energy / Activist Café supporter.
Andrew is a gregarious networker who brings a lot of people into the fold of community projects – particularly with local business outreach, social enterprise etc ….

Paulus Thurlbeck

Consultant, Researcher, Community Outreach – Davius / Your Cathays / CRG / Cathays Compass
Paulus is a fundamental networker and brings a lot of people and organisations together over the lat 25 years – encouraging greater systemic collaboration; with particular emphasis on empowering the low-income, isolated and vulnerable people/communities.
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